Some People Held Prayer Sessions To Cast Out Rap ‘Demon’ From Me – Eno

Some People Held Prayer Sessions To Cast Out Rap ‘Demon’ From Me – Eno

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For a very long time, some people believed that female rapper Eno was possessed by the devil.

To them, it was very difficult for them to fathom why Eno, daughter of a Minister of God’s word, will be involved in something ‘ungodly’ as rap – something they believed was for lost souls.

“You know my dad is a Revered Minister,” the rapper, spotting a blond hair and huge black and white glasses, told Andy Dosty in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM Friday.

Recounting how interesting her music journey has been, the ‘Yaa Asantewaa’ rapper said it was very difficult convincing her parents – particularly her preacher father – that, she wanted to do music.

They simply wanted her to go to school and marry but that was not her calling. She was born to be the fiercest woman on the mic.

“My mum she was not supporting me and unfortunately she passed so it wasn’t easy to convince my dad that doing rap is not a bad thing…” she recounted.

Apparently, those who did not believe rap was her calling held prayer sessions to change her destiny.

“Some people feel like that the devil is still in me. There are times that some people held a prayer [session] for me. I heard they put my picture in the middle and prayed…,” Eno revealed.

According to her, “the talent is from God so you can’t take it away from me. Besides, doing rap is not a bad thing,” because she is inspiring and advising people through her songs.

Nevertheless, the rapper attends her father’s church whenever she visits him.

Her dad, she revealed, listens to her ‘worldly’ songs. “Even two days ago he was like ‘I heard your song but do gospel’,” Eno laughed it off.




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