Song theft: Praye’s Choirmaster Dares Musician To Swear In A Shrine

Song theft: Praye’s Choirmaster Dares Musician To Swear In A Shrine

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Song theft in the music industry isn’t new and the latest to be caught in the web is music group, Praye and an upcoming musician called Yaw Berma.

According to Berma, he was surprised to hear Praye sing a ‘My Matter’ chorus which he believed was his in the studios of Possigee, the same producer who recorded his ‘Asem’ song.

Feeling unhappy about it, Berma took to social media to register his displeasure and also to give Ghanaians the chance to judge for themselves.

He also passed by Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Monday to explain his side of the story to Andy Dosty and his panelists.

When Choirmaster of Praye fame was given the opportunity to clear his name, he claimed Berma was only cursing himself for accusing them of stealing his song.

“It’s a curse to himself and he has to know that there are repercussions. Why does he have to lie? I have to spark so they know we are not joking. No one knows you and you sit somewhere and lie.

“You can’t say someone has stolen your song because we recorded in the same studio. What kind of nonsense is this? If he wants us to know where the truth is I am ready, we can go to Nogokpo or any shrine to find out.” He said.

According to Choirmaster, he thinks musicians borrow lines from each other, hence its normal.

“It’s a vibe that everyone can use. If I use Onipa Nua’s melody it means I just borrowed the vibe from Onipa Nua. We borrow lines from different songs, it doesn’t mean stealing,” he noted.

But, music producer, David Bolton, who spoke on the same Daybreak Hitz show, explained that both Praye and Berma were wrong for singing the chorus on their songs since they failed to seek permission from the original writer, highlife artiste Onipa Nua.

He said “the thing is for Onipa Nua and the ignorance of that is not an excuse. This thing is an embarrassment because there is an original creator and they both don’t have permission.”

He advised both Praye and Yaw Berma to smoke the peace pipe and work harder on a new project since they’re already in the news than to argue and debate about the needless.

He said: “I will advise him to work on another song very fast. He has to work fast and put in a banger. I think Praye should do the same.”




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