Songstress Becca details the benefits of celebrity relationship

Songstress Becca details the benefits of celebrity relationship

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Becca was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show hosted by Eddy Blay Jnr on the e.TV to talk music, life and celebrity relationships.Currently promoting her ‘Hwe’ single on multiple platforms, the award-winning musician revealed the benefits in celebrities dating each other.

“It just depends on the two people involved in the relationship because sometimes it’s a bit dicey because I might be in another place doing another thing and seeing each other become difficult; at some points each person is engulfed being a star in their own world and sometimes when there are two captains on a ship, it becomes difficult.

I think it’s about compromising and complimenting, if these are established, things will work. The good thing about that is you all understand the kind of jobs you do.

So when you are out there really late, he is not going to be wondering what you are doing. If you have someone who doesn’t understand your work, if you are out there it will be difficult for them to understand it.”





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