Sonnie Badu talks investment with young musicians

Sonnie Badu talks investment with young musicians

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Super talented gospel musician Sonie Badu has advised young artistes to invest their monies in right places.
The Ghanaian UK based musician in a recent Instagram post stated that the youngsters should invest their hard earned monies right.

Over the years Ghanaian entertainers or showbiz persons have been in the news for retiring broke or dying poor. Just recently Bob Okala, Nkomode, former president of the Ghana Actors Guild Nii Odoi Mensah and some musicians were reported of being broke at the end of their careers.

Usually the cause of their unfortunate situation traces down to riotous living, wrong priorities and lack of investments during their hay days. Therefore Sonie Badu’s comment came right in time.
Sonie Badu’s post sounded like an advice to young musicians who are making money from their career but are not investing.

The “Wonder God” singer who dabbles in real estate also showcased his new projects in the post.

“You can’t go wrong with real estates , young musicians invest right .. #BaduLegacy #BaduHomes .”

By Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey



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