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We live in a contemporary world where technology and innovation run like cells in the fiber of humans; we try to find ways and means to make life easier, better and more comfortable.

Abrantie has not been left out in this race as we have passion in the cosmetology sphere to help people from all walks of life, to enhance their beauty in a unique way; bringing out the beauty-life in you is our priority that is why we will move heaven and earth to make this possible.

Today we unveil a new and unprecedented kid-targeted products to make sure our kids don’t just dream of looking lovely but also experience it. Our vision for bringing out these products is to bring out the beauty in your kids. Our new products however are not kid-biased; we also have two other products to help adults.

For those who might not know much about Abrantie; Abrantie started as a salon in Tema and due to our exceptional and professional services we eventually expanded to 3 different salon in Tema.

In order to train more people to provide quality services, we established Abrantie College which has been certified by the Ghana Educational Service and NVTI. The college which has currently trained over 5000 cosmetologists currently and has three (3) different departments which provides full and also part-time training to students interested in cosmetology and fashion.

With my 15 year experience in the creative arts, I realized kids have not been given the needed attention when it comes to beauty products. Beauty products on the market are not cut out for kids; they always end up using products generally cut out for adults which we believe is not the best; The ideal thing to be done which we have perfectly executed is to have beauty products that suit and are best for the hair of kids.
Currently, our experience and innovation has led to the birth of 3 new kid beauty products to meet the beauty needs of your children. We have Princess (hair piece for kids) as well as a kid shampoo and conditioner.

‘Princess’ which is the hair piece is lighter as compared to the ordinary weave on the market. It’s very affordable and easy to braid with; one piece is enough to bring out the princess look in your child. With its different array of colors streaks, you can create a variety of styles.

The shampoo and conditioner which are mild on the hair and also provides manageability whiles providing natural sheen is also made specifically to meet the hair needs of child.

Abrantie partnered with Weave Ghana Ltd led by Mr. Ali Zaidan (Development Manager) to ensure the quality of the piece and also partnered with Sigma Ventures where a team on biochemists led by Dr. Michael Nkrumah helped with testing and quality control of the conditioner and shampoo and the hair products. We are so much grateful for their unflinching support and their belief in this dream.
For the adults, we have two (2) other products to improve the beauty of your hair; the Anti-breakage hair dress and also the Scalp Ointment. Unlike other products that are not clear and sometimes gets people confused if it’s for the hair or the scalp, we create difference between products that take care of your hair and the other that takes care of your scalp.

This is not the end of the Abrantie hair products revolution but it is just the beginning. Today, we launch 5 products but we have prospects to come up with other variety of hair pieces and products with high quality that can compete in the international market at an affordable price. Up to more than 28 hair products will be produced which will take care of all hair needs next year. We also have the vision to provide quality and good skin care and make-up range of products in 2017.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our stakeholders, clients and all fans for believing in our vision and being with us all these years. We are and will forever give you the best of services and also of products to enhance and unveil the beauty in you. Last but not least I would like to thank Enoch Amenigye Marketing Manager of Abrantie for helping me materialize this dream.

Thank you

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