Statement: Ohemaa Mercy Says “Religion Should Not Divide Ghanaians”

Statement: Ohemaa Mercy Says “Religion Should Not Divide Ghanaians”

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I praise the Most High God for you my fellow countrymen and thank Him for seeing us through 2015

successfully into a new year which I believe has many blessings stored for us.

Brothers and sisters, I have in the last few days received several messages on my social media platforms

especially Whatsapp from various people with similar distasteful content which must be condemned.

These messages I believe if not publicly addressed can lead to a great disaster in Ghana. The content of

the messages are neither on political nor tribal lines but on religion division.

Ghana risks being ruined, should she not take immediate steps about this development. Certain people

have started an evil agenda to create unnecessary and unhealthy division between Christians and

Muslims, something which has never happened in our country. Ghanaians of various religious beliefs

have lived together as brothers and sisters peacefully for several years so why are some people trying to

hide behind technology and social media to destroy the love that we have for each other as Ghanaians?

Beyond our religious affiliation is the nation Ghana which we all belong to and must do everything to

protect and keep safe. Religion is to unite us and not divide us. The Holy Bible and Holy Quran preach

peace so why are we trying to throw the WORDS of our MAKER away and create division among


With a major election just ahead of us this year, the worse may happen if this unfortunate event

continues. Ghana is known to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world so I take this

opportunity to plead with you my fellow countryman to help uphold the peacefulness we enjoy. Even in

the times when we experienced some form of aggression in our politics, there was no war so why should

believers try to discriminate when we all worship the same God.

The discriminatory treatment we give to different categories of people, especially on the grounds of

religion has generated conflicts in many countries leading to several deaths. I want to make a special

appeal to you my brothers and sisters not to create or share messages that will incite any form of

religious discrimination or tension in the country.

Let us continue to love one another as we have always done in the past.

God bless our Homeland GHANA and let us not cease praying to our MAKER to grant as a PEACEFUL

election come November this year. God bless you.

Ohemaa Mercy

Ohemaa Mercy Ministry



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