Stay away from my marriage – Gifty Osei warns

Stay away from my marriage – Gifty Osei warns

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Gospel musician Gifty Osei has expressed disgust at rumours that her marriage to Prophet Prince Elisha has ended.

The gospel musician believes that her marital life is personal and should be left as such.

“I have a life to live so when it comes to that, people should leave me alone. Let me enjoy my life,” she said in an interview with Adom TV’s Sandra Akapo.

There have been speculations on social media that the ‘Aseda’ hit crooner has parted ways with her husband after a protracted misunderstanding.

Rumour mill has it that, the ten-year-old marriage collapsed after attempts by some friends and family members to salvage it failed.

Speaking about the issue, the gospel musician, who recently received public backlash over her flamboyant hairstyle and extravagant makeup, refuted the rumours, describing them as unfounded.

‘Empress One’ as she calls herself, dared peddlers of the rumours to provide evidence to support their claims that she is no more married to her husband.

She continued that she thinks people talk about her because she is important.

“You don’t expect to be popular without being talked about. It toughens you,” she pointed out.

She revealed that she does not allow things to eat her up and that she is not bothered about the rumours.

The winner of the Most Stylish Artist in Ghana award at the 2017 edition of the Fashion and Lifestyle Awards, however, urged Ghanaians especially gospel music lovers to help push her brand instead and stop concentrating on her marriage


Source: Adom Entertainment News



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