Stop Comparing Me To Efya – Sista Afia Cries

Stop Comparing Me To Efya – Sista Afia Cries

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Female high life singer by name Sista Afia seems not to be happy with the way people compare her to

RnB singer and performer, Efya.

Sista Afia in a recent interview asked? Why is it that almost every interview that I go, there is this

question that the host asks me – Have you noticed that you sound similar like Efya?

According to her, her style is different from that of Efya.

Her words below.

I believe in my self and I know I don’t sound like Efya. Why is this common to every host that interviews

me? Well, I admit to be a new comer and that I came to meet the likes of Efya, but I don’t understand

the comparison here. You can listen to songs by Efya and listen to songs by myself, you will know for a

fact that we are two different people with different styles.

Sista Afia went ahead to talk about her name that rhymes the same as Efya.

I am a Friday born and my real name is Franchesca Duncan Williams. When I decided to get into music,

the only name I thought of is the name my grandpa used to call me with even at the age of 3. He calls

me Sista Afia and because of how much he meant to me, there was no other name in mind for my music

profession than what my grandpa used to call me since childhood – Sista Afia.

In an answer to if she thinks the name, Sista Afia will worry her music profession and as a brand, Sista

Afia answered…

I don’t see the name being a barrier to my brand. I want people to fall in love with my music not my

name. Besides, Efya has her name spelt as E.F.Y.A and I have mine spelt as A.F.I.A with a S.I.S.T.A so its

totally different from hers.

At the moment, my biggest wish is to meet Efya in person. This alone should tell the world how much I

love her as an entertainer and the main reason why I dislike it when people compare me to her. Efya is

grown and on a different level and myself, I am an up comer and someone who is still learning so,

comparing me to her will just create a broken relationship between us two which I don’t want to see

that happen. And if that should happen, I will blame most of you people for that.

Sista Afia before closing her interview said, Its about time we ladies come together and prove to the

world we are so much capable for success. I have met a couple of these female musicians including

Becca and I love how nice she was to me.

Sista Afia is currently promoting her latest single titled Are You Ready, which was written and produced

by Bisa Kdei under Black Legendary Music. The visuals for the song is said to be out this month.

Listen to the song below…




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