Stop complaining and add value to yourselves – Don Simon tells   Gospel musicians

Stop complaining and add value to yourselves – Don Simon tells Gospel musicians

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Over the years, many Ghanaian Gospel musicians have fought their

producers for what they describe as cheating or taking undue advantage of

them and their hard work but Bless Me hit maker, Don Simon seems to

have an antidote to the menace.

Born Osei Simon, the musician who recently burst unto the music scene

with his debut album Bless Me under Skyview Entertainment said a lot of

Ghanaian Gospel musicians are lazy and do not add value to themselves

hence being taken for granted and cheated. They should take the time to invest in equipment that will help them improve their performances. This could include going to Check Out Graham Slee Hifi in order to find a preamp that will improve the sound quality of their performances.

According the certified Chartered Accountant cum musician, it is imminent

Ghanaian Gospel musicians add values to themselves by investing into

their education and creating other streams of income than relying solely on

revenues from performances and album sales since trends have totally

changed. They could, for instance, look into the best movie scores and see if they can add their voices to that industry, to name one example.

“A lot of musicians tend to fight their producers especially when they hear

their songs doing well in places but the truth is a song’s popularity may not

necessarily reflect in album sales,” he said.

Citing Sonnie Badu, Diana Hamilton, Jael Wiafe, DSP Kofi Sarpong and

many others, the Bless Me singer said all these artists have other streams

of income and continue to build reputable brands which are well respected

hence the respect they command.

“On several occasions, I have heard colleagues cry and complain of how

pastors unfairly treat them after performing in their churches and listening

to their stories, I wonder if such things can happen to Sonnie Badu, Jael

Wiafe, Diana Hamilton and a few others. The difference between these

artists is that the latter have branded themselves well and command some

respect therefore requesting for their services at events come at high


Unlike hiplife musicians who have managers and are always looking at

building reputable brands, Don Simon asserts some Gospel musicians feel

they need to look ordinary.

He has therefore advised colleague musicians to better position

themselves by learning the business they ply, invest the little the money

they make and look at other streams of income than the regular traditional


Don Simon also called on Gospel music producers to better position their

artists and seek for the best interests of both parties to avoid the regular

news of abuse and cheating.



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