Stubbornness Is Why Abraham Attah Is Ahead Of Me – Strika

Stubbornness Is Why Abraham Attah Is Ahead Of Me – Strika

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When Strika starred in the same movie, Beast of No Nation as Abraham Attah in 2015, things took a different turn for the latter as he progressed and now schools abroad but for the former it was a different story.

Strika about a year ago was seen on the street hawking something that shook the entertainment industry considering the fact that the proceeds he got from that particular movie was enough to change his life but as it stands that is not the case.

Real name Emmanuel Nii Adokwei , Strika in an interview with Abraham Offei of Glovantis Multimedia blamed his inability to be on the same page as his colleague Abraham Attah on his stubbornness.

“I would say I am here because of my stubbornness, I believe that if I had taken life, the opportunities and myself seriously, I would not be here today. Unlike me, Abraham took advantage of the situation and made good use of it,” he told the host.

Asked if he has any regrets looking at where Abraham is at the moment, he noted, “if I say I have regrets, it will sound like I am jealous of where he is which is not the case. Like I said, it is my stubbornness that has rendered me in my current state.”

When asked why he didn’t take his education serious as that could have also helped shaped his life, he said, “before I was enrolled into the Montessori school in Cape Coast after the Beast of No Nation movie, I hadn’t stepped in any school, so it was difficult grasping want was being taught, I didn’t get anything so I had no interest in schooling. I recall that I had to suggest to my superiors that they should just find some vocational school for me, something that I can do with my hands rather than going to the classroom.”

Asked if he has any relatives looking after him now, he said, “yes, I have an aunty who is doing her best to take care of me, in fact I’m currently in vocational training and she is the one taking care of everything.”

On what his future plans are, he said, “if would like to go to an arts or acting school.”

Source: Prince Komla Dowetin



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