The 5 obvious reasons why Africa is the place to be in 2017

The 5 obvious reasons why Africa is the place to be in 2017

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The 5 obvious reasons why Africa is the place to be in 2017

Welcome to 2017. A year that promises so much for our amazing continent. A year with many successes, and limited disappointments. There are many stories about Africa that make the outside world reluctant to visit this amazing continent. However, there are a lot more reasons why Africa is the place to be. Especially in 2017 where the possibilities are endless. Jumia Travel enumerates 5 obvious reasons why Africa is the place to be this year.

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  • There is a lot to see and learn – Home of elephants, wildlife, flora, beautiful beaches, and waterfalls. Africa has far more to see than we often imagine. Fortunately, not all of these eye pleasing monuments, nature and tourist sites are concentrated in one country. The widespread nature of these resources make Africa a must-visit destination for any foreign traveller. There is a lot to see and learn in Africa. Several languages, cultures, and history. This year, there is a lot more to see and learn with many countries and governments investing heavily in making travel and tourism more attractive, the best is certainly yet to come. If you have never visited Africa, 2017 is your year.


  • Environmentally friendly – When you live outside Africa, there is a ‘’horrible’’ ideology that Africa is a place of hardship, discomfort, plagues, and health risks. However, 9/10 tourists who have visited Africa will tell you how beautiful and peaceful the continent is. Talk about rain forests, amazing wildlife, fun parks, great beaches and many other natural habitats and you will begin to feel how environmentally friendly Africa actually is. The sun gaze is mind blowing, rainfall is just okay, beaches are dazzling when the sun shines. Just the perfect place for a holiday.


  • Business opportunities – By far one of the richest continents in terms of natural resources, Africa holds great potential for business and several opportunities for commercial growth. The continent boasts of being one of the leading producers of cocoa, gold, and also high producers of oil. With all of these natural resources in play, there is a lot to tap into when it comes to doing business. There is likely to be high trade relations between Africa and other countries around the world as well as better business deals by individual organizations and firms. Tourism also presents great opportunities for employment, foreign exchange and general development of infrastructure and industries. This year, there is absolutely no excuse not to visit Africa.


  • E-commerce on the rise – The most beneficial plague to hit our continent in this century. E-commerce has definitely come to stay and over the course of the past decade it has been on a steady rise. This is expected to boom in the next few years starting with 2017. With better systems, modules and strategies being unearthed, the future only seems bright. Other parts of the world have been exposed to this beneficial plague for a very long time. However, Africa presents a relatively untapped market for any e-commerce platform that wishes to expand and extend its operations down here. With many industrious entrepreneurs waiting to jump on and establish great partnerships, 2017 presents a very viable and fresh platform to visit Africa. Why not? There is a fertile ground to succeed.


  • Happy People Always – Undoubtedly, the continent with the most lively individuals, many languages, rich culture, heritage and tradition. You can’t miss out on the style and colour associated with the many fun and amazing festivals. Listen to rich history, listen and learn unique songs, dance the stress away and enjoy beautiful scenery at the various durbars and festivals. Have great times at the beaches, fun tourist sites and enjoy the experience with the lovely people who give off so much warmth and friendliness. Get out of your comfort zone and experience something new and mind-blowing. No one ever regrets coming to Africa for the warmth of the people.

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel



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