There’s Nothing Like A Child Out Of Wedlock – Pascal Amanfo

There’s Nothing Like A Child Out Of Wedlock – Pascal Amanfo

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Yvonne Nelson among others have been bashed for having a child out of wedlock but according to the veteran movie producer, Pascal Amanfo, there is nothing like as such because all children whether out of wedlock or not are God’s plan.

Pascal, a very devoted Christian as well, who was talking about the sensitive topic during a conversation whilst on a set said there is even nothing like a Baby Momma because children before their birth already existed in God’s mind and nothing about their parentage matters.

In the video sighted on Instagram, Pascal said it is therefore insignificant if children are born out of wedlock or not and further explained that being tag as a “Baby Momma” is a societal creation to imprison such Parents and children in some sort of negativity.

However, quickly reacting to the video shared by Nkonkonsa, Pascal left a comment saying “That’s not what I said. I said women who have made that mistake, and haven recognised that mistake should refuse to live under the chain of opinion that society puts on them… An opinion that discredits the existence of that child and limits them in life… Regardless of how that child is born.. He or she has a destiny in God!”.




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