This Nonsense Must Stop – Gloria Sarfo To Xandy Kamel

This Nonsense Must Stop – Gloria Sarfo To Xandy Kamel

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Xandy Kamel’s removal of her panty during a live television interview appear to have not gone down well with other colleagues in the industry including Gloria Sarfo who says she is drowning the image of players in the industry.

In a strongly worded post sighted by, she described the act as nonsense stating that it must stop insisting that it tarnishes the image of those in the industry for which reason she is not going to remain mute.

Her outburst was after a colleague calmed her down but an incensed Gloria Sarfo did not budge but spew more venom.

“Sis Glo I respect you paaaa so please don’t involve yourself if you haven’t watched the full video. Don’t be quick to judge ok”

“My friend all of these nonsense MUST STOP!!!! They go a long way to tarnish the reputation of our industry so I WILL NOT KEEP QUITE…Besides did i say anything wrong? All I said was “I rest my case” and oh for the records, no need to watch the full interview cos NOTHING I REPEAT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL MAKE ME WATCH THAT UNFORTUNATE INTERVIEW Nom m Get it straight madam spokesperson.

But defense of her act Xandy also wrote “ Actresses are being stigmatized by guys all because of roles we play in movies some have even lost their relationships and marriages because people call us names such us prostitutes especially when you play the role of a naughty girl in a movie some ladies don’t even get any approach from guys for anything serious and am being asked to prove to the world that sex in movies aren’t real then you sit in your kiosk and type garbage claiming am tarnishing your industry wait oo did u even think before typing smh just drink water and chill am going to shit and come wai nonsense”




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