Tracey Boakye Returns, Dares ‘Attackers’ Hiding Behind Fake Accounts To Show Their Faces

Tracey Boakye Returns, Dares ‘Attackers’ Hiding Behind Fake Accounts To Show Their Faces

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Well, if you thought actress Tracey Boakye was going to allow sleeping dogs lie, then you thought wrong!

The movie producer has dared persons who constantly attack her on social media with fake accounts to “show their real face.”

She noted that some ‘big people’ in the country have advised her not to address any allegation levelled against her.

However, Tracey who seems not to heed to this advice on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, took to Instagram to address an unknown “old woman” whom she claims hides behind ghost accounts to insult her and monitor every move that she makes.

Addressing the woman whose identity wasn’t disclosed, she said, “Mind your own business, all those fake accounts you’ve created just to insult me will not help you.”

Adding: “Just because I have people who advise me not to retaliate or reply naysayers, people are taking advantage of my calmness… I dare persons who hide behind fake accounts to attack me on social media to show their real face.”

Tracey again addressed concerns by a section of the public that seems to have an issue with her style of dressing.

Many have accused the actress of not having a good fashion sense, but she says that she would invest in properties rather than buy expensive clothes to impress her critics.

“The money some of you use to buy clothes to slay can equally afford a bag of cement…I am an East Legon landlady, people say I should add my house at Lakeside to the list of properties I own but if I do so, I am sure my enemies will drink DDT and commit suicide,” she said sarcastically.




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