TV Stations Killed The Movie Industry – Socrate Safo

TV Stations Killed The Movie Industry – Socrate Safo

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Film producer and board member of Zylofon Art Fund, Socrate Safo has hinted that, Ghanaian Tv stations are the cause of the “Dead Film Industy”.

The Director of Creative Arts stated that, when movies are been produced, the producers take the movies to Tv channels and purchase them at a low rate and their been shown on Tv for free for people to watch.

“Lets say you take your movie to a Tv station and another movie to a platform that will sell the movies for you, I’m telling you that, nobody will buy the one on the platform but rather go the Tv stations showing it for free to watch. captured while Socrate Safo interacted with Film Makers.”

Socrate who got emotional in his submission said producers should stop taking their films to platforms that will pay less for their high earned movies. is an online platform, which will exclusively premier Ghanaian movies to enable producers get their movies to the public, without much stress.

After Zylofon Arts Fund (ZAF), a credit relief fund with non interest, was introduced to support the various art arms of the country,, has been introduced to support this initiative.

Watch Socrate address Film Makers below;




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