Versatile musician, SAMMY FAME opens  up on why he sounds like PSquare

Versatile musician, SAMMY FAME opens up on why he sounds like PSquare

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born musician living and plying his passion from Ghana. Just like every passionate lad out there, he

started his journey to fame from age five (5) from the church as a chorister. His ability to mesmerize

the musical instruments without blip has since seen him head and shoulders on top. His versatility and

composure is second to none. In 2009, SammyFame created his own musical band where he made it a

point to thrill his audience at weddings, funerals and anniversaries.

“In 2013, I left for Ghana to

continue my odyssey of music”, in his own words on why he left Nigeria. In this exclusive with us, he

tells us how he got caught up in delving into RnB, Dancehall, Afro Pop, in attachment to his

comfortable Highlife genre uniqueness. The ‘singing-somebody’ as called by his esteem fans across

has dropped a brand new hit titled: ‘Take It Easy’, and it is said that in Ghana, the song has a potential

of becoming the anthem for fans as Christmas is approaching and probably may be nominated for an

awards come 2016.

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Happy belated birthday to you, Samson Adekunle, how did you celebrate that day; where you in Ghana

or Nigeria?

Thank you so much and I wish all my fans celebrating their birthdays in this month of November too. I

spent my day with my family friends in Ghana.

Your stage name is ‘SammyFame’, what is the sensation that surrounds this particular name of yours?

The name ‘SAMMYFAME’ was derived from my real name Okikiola Samson, which I changed

‘Samson’ to ‘Sammy’ and changed ‘Okikiola’ to ‘Fame’. Because in English language, ‘Okikiola’ means

‘Fame’. So that’s how I came by the name ‘SammyFame’. Management appreciated it and this is where

we are now.

How did you discover the ‘real’ you as a brilliant act?

I discovered the ‘real’ act in me when I started composing songs rapidly and get to know that people love

to hear me sing my songs, then I knew there is a ‘musical lion’ in me.

How long have you been doing this kind of versatility with different genres of music?

When I got to Ghana, I took my time to study the entertainment especially the music part. So with my

musical experience I have to redefine the textures and musical elements before spreading it out to the

world. And every time I wake up to compose I’m always hungry of that something new. And every

blessed day I know I’m definitely growing in all musical ramifications.

In Ghana as a Nigerian, we have been monitoring what you do musically and with the level at which

you are operating – it’s awesome; tell us everything about the growth so far.

I feel great because talents like that are rare and when you’re lucky enough to be compared to top musical

acts like that, then you definitely on the right musical odyssey. We still have more time to show what we

have inside of us.

One radio presenter on his show described you as one of the newest breed of musicians that will take

over from the likes of Sir Shina Peters, PSquare, etc.; how do you feel being compared to these great

talents at this stage?

I just accept the accolade in joy and then work extremely harder to hit the top. Time and practice and

God’s grace is what I think has seen those people through and it will be so for me.

You do RNB, Juju, contemporary Highlife and Afropop kind of songs, which would you, say lays your


It’s definitely Highlife; because way back that’s the genre of music I listened and learnt a lot from the

softness, solemnity and drive.

There are so many young people doing music in Ghana, Nigeria, everywhere, what unique base are

you standing on that will certainly distinguish you from the lots?

One thing I’m absolutely sure of is my “versatility”. I know that such is rare. I know I’ve got creativity,

capability and the musical lyricism to fit into any genre of music. Though they say I sound like PSquare,

Sir Shina Peters etc., what I know is I’m SAMMYFAME and I am versatile and learning from the best, I

have come to understand that if those act mentioned above can stand out, I definitely can.

You sound so much like top notch acts in Nigeria, do you think they will someday have an issue with


Oh no! I’m me and that’s how I sing I’m neither of them. When the sound is well publicized then they’ll

see the uniqueness of my music. Just like they say Olamide sounds like Dagrin and Joel sounds like 2Face

but something is absolutely unique about these two artistes when their song was heard. And besides the

sky is wide for the birds to fly and the sea is wide for the fish to swim without touching each other.

One of your singles has once topped the charts I most regions across Ghana, how do you feel when

such happens?

I am always overwhelmed and it encourages me to do more and strive higher with my passion.

We know that you spend most of your time in the studio cooking new songs, do you mind telling us

specifically how long you spend each day in the studio?

I spend adequate time in the studio because I’m always looking for that new element to be added to my

music to make it distinct and more pleasant to the ears.

What is your relationship with producers in Ghana like compare to that of Nigeria; any similarities of

comparisons from an artiste point of view?

I appreciate producers in general across the world. Ghana and Nigeria are like siblings, so I am in mad

love with both countries’ producers and I feel they are unique in their own ways.

More singles from your stable are due to drop soon, let us talk about them, the concept and why each

song is different from the others

All musical efforts – I mean from the right message or concept, right lyrical contents, right tone, right

musical instruments, the differences; I mean everything that makes a sweet sound pleasant to the ears, I

make all efforts every songs writing by me sounds is immaculate.

We all need time to grow into what we love doing, how much time do you need to be able to show the

world what you really have inside?

Like I said, I have worked for it and also drilled myself in musical ramifications; so now is the time to

show the world the kind of stuff I’m made of musically.

You sound more like PSquare, how soon can your fans get that big collaboration with the Okoye


Soon. I mean pretty soon, because they’re the artiste that inspires me a lot. They are the most

respected group not only in Nigeria but all over Africa, including the world.

What is your relationship with your management because obviously your team is dope – how is the

bond like in-house?

The bond is very strong. My management knows the right string to pull and I appreciate them so much

How soon (as in when) would you sigh deeply and say, “I have made myself proud with this passion”?

When ma versatility is well publicized, appreciated and recognized across the world.



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