VIDEO: I’ll be worried to have a dead ‘manhood’ than dead career – A Plus

VIDEO: I’ll be worried to have a dead ‘manhood’ than dead career – A Plus

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Contentious Ghanaian strategic communicator, online humorist & A-list musician with staunch purpose, Kwame A-Plus has intensively boiled anger over Telecommunication companies who so happens to careless about the benefits of their users in a footage he posted on Facebook.

According to A-plus in a video, re-charge cards sold out to phone users by most Communication companies in Ghana, especially with Airtel are carelessly manufactured.

Reports under Kwame’s belt claimed; when scratching the cards for urgent use, the digits on it pills off in the procedure and this has occurred several times on his side.

Airtel Ghana wasn’t the only network provider known to have inappropriately made scratch cards but Vodafone Ghana also falls in the catalog of “I Don’t Care about the Costumers”.

What pisses A-Plus off to the point is; when one calls the network’s service number, workers who pick up begin to ask instant unnecessary questions and at the end the problems are not rectified.

This type of telecommunication tragedy is very disturbing to most Ghanaians and immediately you point out vital issues like this; you will have anonymous people on social media attacking you.

“Some will even say you have dead career, go and revive it. I will develop more worries if I have a dead penis than a dead career” – A-Plus added up to the jabs in the video of which you can watch below



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