Wanlov The Kubolor Sends Strong Warning To Medikal For Dumping Her Sister?

Wanlov The Kubolor Sends Strong Warning To Medikal For Dumping Her Sister?

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It’s no more news that Medikal and Sister Deborah are no more the Sowutuom Jay Z and Chorkor Beyounce that we knew.
And Fella Makafui who has taken Sister Derby’s place is enjoying every bit of her position.

Well, Sister Derby’s brother, Wanlov the Kubolor haven’t said anything openly on the issue.

But it appears he’s solidly behind his sister.

Because if you check his Twitter wall, he has been tweeting and retweeting anything related to Kakalika Love song challenge.
A diss song meant for Medikal and Fella Makafui.

Just yesterday, Wanlov took to his Instagram page to throw a subtle jab at Medikal.
Calling him someone who intentionally toy with people’s feelings cos he enjoys seeing them squirm.

His post reads;
“Do u intentionally toy with peoples’ feelings coz u enjoy seeing them squirm?”, Wanlov quizzed.

Medikal indeed has to some extent been toying with Sister Derby’s feelings ever since their break-up.
Yesterday, he released another diss song again titled “Open Letter” where he disclosed a lot of secrets.

Meanwhile, Wanlov has said somewhere last year that he’s a big Medikal fan saying that he likes his music.
“The composition is ordinary, I like his music, we have the normal boys-boys talk and I shot a video for him as well. I think he is the silent type of ‘akonta’ [brother in-law]”

“Before my sister got together with him, I was listening to his song Connect and I was going crazy on that song.”
Speaking on Medikal and Sister Derby’s relationship, Wanluv said:
“I have fun always watching them Snapchat, meeting them, they are always laughing together and joking. He [Medikal] is a very business minded person and so they push each other to excel.

“I have always said that age is nothing but a number, apart from looking very young, she’s very playful, young at heart so until she releases her age you won’t even know. The police normally request her license,” he said.

Perhaps, the likeness or love he has for Medikal might change after their break-up.

We’re all observing.

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