We Help Women Stay Flawless – CEO of Colorbox Cosmetics

We Help Women Stay Flawless – CEO of Colorbox Cosmetics

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Affordable luxury beauty brand, Colorbox Cosmetics is set to release its new easy to use beauty tool range called the Colorbox (CB) Evolution. The collection will officially be launched on Monday September 14 after Colorbox Cosmetics interactive virtual pre-launch experience on Sunday September 13.. Both events will broadcast live on the beauty brand’s Instagram platform. The launch program will include makeup tips, testimonies from influencers and a live performance by Ghanaian songstress Yaa Yaa.

After observing women struggle to apply makeup in a quick and fun way that enhances their beauty, the founder and CEO Stephanie Adu says she was inspired to create the CB Evolution – an affordable easy to use beauty tool range poised to help women at all levels apply makeup flawlessly with ease. “We are truly a brand that grows with you. This is not just about the product, it’s about women evolving their makeup process into one that is fun, empowering and simple. We want women to grow at all levels in their artistry and have access to affordable highquality beauty products,” Stephanie has stated.

The CB Evolution features interactive color-coded makeup brushes, makeup accessories, a two-in-one lash glue and eyeliner pen and a range of their award-winning product Melanin Glow, a loose pigment highlighter. Colorbox Cosmetics is an affordable luxury beauty brand founded and led by Stephanie Adu and was born out of her bold obsessive desire to create a brand where women from diverse backgrounds could access and afford superior quality products. Colorbox has been trading since 2014 in Ghana and will continue to expand throughout Africa in 2021. The brand serves to help continue to change the narrative of what quality looks like when linked with and/or coming from Africa.

The main feature of the new launch is the CB Evolution Brush System. The colors on each brush handle indicate the function of the brush, which supports customers with understanding what to use and how to apply their makeup. The Colorbox Cosmetics team will also assist customers to build customized brush sets, offering women maximum flexibility to meet their needs. The CB Evolution range also includes makeup accessories that promote organisation and brush hygiene.

The products are also designed with durability and value in mind. All CB brushes are made with Grade A duo-fiber synthetic hairs, which makes them easier to clean and longer-lasting. All products will be made available for purchase exclusively in Ghana on September 14 with Free delivery across the country, and on the September 25 in Nigeria and Kenya. “We’re excited to see beauty brands like Colorbox release products with African women in mind. The Beauty industry in Ghana needs more innovation,” said, CEO of Make Up Ghana – Rebecca Donkor.

Colorbox Cosmetics is championing the opportunity to provide product solutions for an underserved target audience. All Colorbox Evolution products will be available on it’s digital space.



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