We’ll refund money if we disappoint, @DkbGhana declares

We’ll refund money if we disappoint, @DkbGhana declares

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Comedian DKB has put his reputation on the line and thrown perhaps the biggest challenge of his career by promising to refund money back to patrons of his upcoming show if he fails to live up to their expectation.

Determined to make a strong case for Ghanaian comedians who have often been rated lower than their Nigerian counterparts, DKB is daring Ghanaians to stop patronising GH comedy if they fail to deliver at his show dubbed Point Of View scheduled for the National Theatre on Saturday, July 9.

DKB is the headline act for Point Of View and will be supported by other Ghanaian comedians such as Khemical, James Brown, O.B, Jacinta, KSM, Foster and some underground comedians all determined to prove a point.

“Ghanaian comedians are daring Ghanaians to come see and laugh their hearts out by the best of GH comedians, and they can refuse to stop patronising us if we do not live up to their expectation.

“ In fact, monies will be refund at the end of the show if we don’t deliver,” DKB told Graphic Showbiz yesterday with a promise to put up a good show on Saturday.

Asked how he is going to do the refund, DKB explained that there would be cameras monitoring all the activities of individuals at the auditorium and if by the end of the show patrons don’t laugh, his team would find a way of getting their monies back to them.

According to him, Ghanaians have bought into a wrong perception that Nigerian comedians are better than their Ghanaian counterparts, so the Point of View show provides a fine opportunity for local comedians to prove their critics wrong.

“The fact that the Nigerian comedians have more exposure does not make them better than us. From Night of Laughs to Lord Of the Ribs, we matched them boot for boot and I can say without fear that we did better than them” he added.

DKB, real name Derrick Kobina Bonney, said it is about time Ghanaians started believing in their own and support them with what they have.

He added that, until he performed at Night of Laughs and wowed many Ghanaians with his jokes, no one believed in his abilities and it took a while for Ghanaians to accept what he was doing.

“I thank God GH comedians are now recognised even though some people still believe we have nothing to offer. Very soon, that perception of us not being good will be erased completely,” he revealed.

On what Ghanaians are to expect on Saturday, DKB simply said Ghanaians have a chance to stop patronising Ghanaian comedy on Saturday which he believes would not happen because it will be a very good show.

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