Wendy Shay To Fight FDA, Gaming Commission At Human Rights Court

Wendy Shay To Fight FDA, Gaming Commission At Human Rights Court

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Songstress Wendy Shay says she is heading to the Human Rights Court to sue the Food And Drugs Authority(FDA) and the Gaming Commission for banning celebrities from endorsing alcoholic products and betting companies.

The FDA has barred Ghanaian celebrities from advertising alcoholic products in the country.

Recently, the Gaming Commission also banned betting companies from using celebrities for their advertisement and endorsements; a move which seems to be on the bad side of Ghanaian celebrities since most of them have contracts with betting companies.

One celebrity who has been hard hit and has for some time now fighting these regulatory bodies is Wendy Shay.

The singer has in a tweet called on her colleagues to come together to help fight these regulatory bodies because they are blocking their source of daily bread by preventing them from representing as ambassadors for organizations that produce alcoholic beverages and those who are in the betting industry.

For her, she is taking up the fight by sending the regulatory bodies to the court for these laws to be reversed because they are all Ghanaians and deserve to be treated well by the regulatory bodies.

“GH Celebs, can we put our differences aside and fight the system ?? I guess we don’t know how powerful we are … Well, I’m taking the FDA and Gaming commission to the Human Rights Court Celebs are also Ghanaians and deserve better !! Ghana wake Up !!”

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