‘Why we decided to sponsor 2015 Efya Girl Talk Concert’

‘Why we decided to sponsor 2015 Efya Girl Talk Concert’

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Former Miss Ghana 2010, STEPHANIE KARIKARI is the brain behind the brand, SAFARI by SK Cosmetics – a line that is formulated with precious emollients and the freshest organic botanicals, a line that has its lotions deliciously fragranced and certainly every woman’s secret to an unceasing anti-ageing and brightening rich skin hydration.

The cosmetic line will have to wait until the early weeks of January 2016 to be launched but with the current buzz surrounding the niche of looking flawless with natures luxury skincare, we had to engage the CEO in this exclusive to find out few secrets on why they chose to be part of the 2015 GIRL TALK CONCERT which comes off on the 18th of December at the National Theatre, in Accra.

Why did you decide to sponsor this year’s Girl Talk concert?

Thank you very much. We decided to be part of this year’s event because we sat as a team and after proper checks and balances; we found out that the Girl Talk brand is purely in line with our plan – looking at the way we want to be introduced.

Looking at the concert, will you say that it was worth getting on board?

Yes, of course you know that if it wasn’t worth the sweat, no one will want to be part – but as it stands, the world can breathe a sigh of relief that something quality has come to stay – which we totally appreciate.

Out of all events in 2015, what passion led you single-handedly choose to sponsor this year’s?

Since we knew that we were going to launch in 2016, it was just appropriate to associate with a formidable brand ahead of the launch. We just decided that before our main launch, our brand must be seen in a light of consciousness and be accepted as we have drawn on the table.

Efya being the headliner for this year has torn fans apart; what is your take on her?

She is simply the best songstress in Ghana currently without any iota of doubt. She has proven herself over and over and over again. She has shown that she is a talented lady who can hold her

Why should ladies come to this year’s show if you are to say a word in that regards? It promises to be a fantastic night of the gathering of all ladies across Ghana at a single venue. Goodies are sure going to flow and the headliner will mesmerize every expectant hearts.

We gathered that your brand will be having a stand at the main event, what should the ladies coming be expecting? Goodies. Ladies should come expectant and we shall not fail them, not one bit.

You aren’t part of the FAIR itself which takes place on the 12th and 13th; why did you opt out of that?

We didn’t just ‘opt out’ as you say, what happened is that my team sat down, we drew the plan for the year and it is fair to understand that since our products hasn’t been launched yet, we cannot be part of the fair. But in other ways, since the main event is fast approaching, we are fixing our loins in proper shape so as to meet up our plan.

What will the Girl Talk brand add to you?

It will add up so much from mileage to the kind of association we are looking forward to. Remember that as a skincare line, we just have to be part of this beautiful concert which has a proven track record of positivity.

Tell us some of your plans for 2016

In 2016, we shall be launching our first line of collection soon. Our products are almost here and we can tell the world that SAFARI by SK is going to blow their minds in the right direction. We shall also be doing a lot of feed backs gathering before we launch the next collections before the end of that year.

Your fans on social media have already started asking that what how long will this ‘marriage’ between your brand and the Girl Talk brand last?

It will last as long as we are still alive today. We are two compatible brands, so why do we ‘break up’ when we have a mutual understanding that will, at the end of the day benefit the public.



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