Yvonne Okoro Wins Best Dressed Female Celeb At Sparrow Entertainment Festival 2016 Day 1

Yvonne Okoro Wins Best Dressed Female Celeb At Sparrow Entertainment Festival 2016 Day 1

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Actress Yvonne Okoro has been adjudged by the Ghana Official Fashion Review panel as the Best Dressed Female Celebrity on the red carpet at the maiden edition of Sparrow Entertainment Festival 2016 day 1 on Friday January 8, 2016.

After a careful review of a long list of female celebrities who graced the red carpet at movie event which took place at Silverbird cinema in Accra, the panel was tasked to choose their top 3.
The well experienced panel led by Mr. Oscar Doe Executive Chairman of Eurostar Global Limousine Group, shortlisted the top 3 Best Dressed Female Celebs namely: Actresses Yvonne Okoro, Nana Akua Addo and Singer Efya.

It was a close call between Yvonne Okoro and Nana Akua but the panel feels Nana Akua lost points with her choice of Shoes. They believe a different colour would have been ideal, so eventually Yvonne Okoro stole the show with red gown.

Celebs are informed that if they fail to take pictures on the red carpet behind the official backdrop, they would not be reviewed because this is a strictly red carpet review.

Chairman of the fashion review panel Mr. Oscar Doe stressed that this review is not to push or force any celeb to go out of their way to buy expensive clothes from only foreign designers but rather encourage them to pay more attention to their public appearance and more especially on the red carpet.

“We Encourage Our Stars To Wear A Tailored Made Ceremonial Attire To Formal Events To Compliment The Occasion But Not “Necessarily Expensive Clothes”Our Concern For Ghana Fashion Has Been Made Clear And From This Day On Our Stars Will Take Public Events Appearance Seriously And To Inspire The Younger Generation!”, Mr. Oscar Doe stated.

Rewiew of The Top 3 Best Dressed Female Celebs

Okoro, Nana Akua and Efya

Bravo ??? we are very pleased after we scrutinized her dress strongly during her recent #GhanaMustGo premiere, and she has responded swiftly with this super gorgeous dress which we think it’s perfectly suitable for a red carpet event in any part of the globe! Colour on point and the most killing is her body language which showed how easily she carried her evening gown and dragged it to sweep the “carpet called red” with style without any apology, and this kind of appearance we expect from our Ghanaian celebrities so they can grow in confidence to attract Global Attention! We reward her with 9.5 points!

Nana Akua Addo
This his lady continue to prove herself without doubt as one of the emerging fashion Diva and Stylish in Ghana and she seems to have a deep knowledge and understanding about fashion, and she takes the “carpet called red” seriously and we believe she deserves all the attention she is receiving because she has been very consistent in her public appearance! Congratulations! We reward her 9.4 points!

Efya made a very impressive red carpet appearance her dress was on point especially her gorgeous scarf & hairstyle complimented and projected her dress very well ???, and we think that gave her a deserving attention on the “carpet called red” we award her 9.3 points! We hope she keeps up her momentum!

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Source: Ghana Official Fashion Review



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