Afriyie Acquah’s Number One Fan Writes Open Letter To Him On Amanda’s Leaked Tape

Afriyie Acquah’s Number One Fan Writes Open Letter To Him On Amanda’s Leaked Tape

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Dear Acquah,

I write to advice, inform and enlighten you on some psychological investigative analysis concerning the trauma you going through due to your scandalous wife (AMANDA ACQUAH). However it’s very unfortunate you have already gone through marriage under ordinance govern by Act of Parliament; it’s not yet late tho.

Your best friend whom you have admired for about six years is not to be trusted. You can agree to the fact that, it was through Rodney Aboagye you met Amanda. You gave her the license to your heart, gave her space on your king size bed, as well as a ticket to your bank account. Mr. Acquah, I wish I can convince you to believe this one. My conscious tells me Rodney and Amanda are Professional fraudsters. They have a smart strategic plan to get to the big and rich men.

Now follow the analysis. She had a fake affair with Kenedy Agyapong of Kenpong travel and tour. And I believe Rodney was behind that link. Have you ever asked yourself, why Kenpong, why Jordan Ayew, Why you, and not any other unknown and normal person?
This should prompt you that Amanda is in for business but not everlasting marriage. With the help of Rodney, Amanda is able to enter any money packed corner in order to make profit. This is why she married you. I have no fact, but am writing from a very strong feeling. Have you also asked yourself why any awful act by your wife goes viral with Rodney’s name marked in the red book?

This means that Rodney introduced Amanda to you for business (money) not marriage. C’mon man, be strong, jump over the love and act like a man. Your wife played a big role in the released of her nude pictures and the audio. She planned with Rodney to do so. Your wife is pretending to be scared of a divorce. But I bet you, Rodney and Amanda released the items (nude pics and audio) to provoke you to call for a divorce. They have had what they wanted and eager to get the biggest.

I advise you to divorce her. On the contrary, get a good lawyer to prove why you want a divorce, so that they (AMANDA and RODNEY) do not benefit some percentage of your properties. Finally, I want you to leave Jordan out of this issue, and focus on the fraudsters (AMANDA and RODNEY). Call Jordan and settle peace with him, get to the field and make Ghana proud. Let Ghanaians know you are matured emotionally, forget about the past and move on with your career. Even John Terry is still playing football.

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