Caroline Sampson Calls Delay Childish…Here’s Why??

Caroline Sampson Calls Delay Childish…Here’s Why??

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Radio and television personality, Caroline Sampson, has taken on host of Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay regarding her fight with actress Ahuofe Patri over the name Cocoa Brown.
In a post on Instagram, Caroline advised her to grow up and stop behaving like a child. She added that Delay should learn and stop hating on the actress as it was her time to shine.

For her, “Ahuofe Patri is Cocoa Brown and Cocoa Brown is Ahuofe Patri”.

Her first post read “First Afia Schwarzenega, Now Cocoa Brown. What else you got? Not everyday fight over names, sometimes let go. Be serious @virgindelay
The other read “Here we go again.. @virgindelay seriously you need to learn and stop being childish over names. Let the girl shine. Cocoa brown is @ahuof3patri and @ahuof3patri is cocoa brown✌”

Yesterday on Instagram, Delay took Patri, known in real life as Priscilla Agyemang, to the cleaners for calling herself Cocoa Brown.

That name is suspected to be that of a new product from Delay’s private company.




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