Comedian Nkomode Battling kidney problems…Now using pampers

Comedian Nkomode Battling kidney problems…Now using pampers

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Ghanaian comedian Yaw Donkor popularly known as Nkomode is currently bedridden as he battles with kidney, liver problems and bladder failure due to excessive drinking.

His bladder problem is so bad that he urinates more than 15 times day.

Sources say the Comedian started drinking while he was abroad, growing a pot belly in the process and other drinking-related complications.
However, doctors saved him.

But he picked up heavy drinking again after his return to Ghana.

Nkomo De explains that money coming from Ghanaian movie industry, coupled with seizure of his house by his wife plunged him once again into the bottle.

The onetime best Key Soap Concert Party Comedian also blamed his current condition on subtle animosity he faced in the movie industry.

He explains that he decided to come Ghana after fellow actor Akrobetu and a few friends asked him to return to do movies because comedy was losing its shine.

He said after he shot his first movie, he earned the resentment of some movie makers because he would charge nothing less than GHC1, 000 when the market price then was about GHC200.

He said after a few movies, things started falling apart in his life –culminating in his current state.

Asked if he had received any support, he said his cheeks got swollen and his thighs shrunk but one came to support him except actor Akrobetu.

The comedian who beat Original 32 in 1997 to retain the best ‘Key Soap Concert Party’ title and Agya koo in 1998, to the same title said, Akrobetu has been very supportive and does check on him from time to time and makes sure he does not lack anything.

Asked if he regrets ever doing being an actor and comedian, he said yes, stating that he never got any support from anyone in the industry.

He said, the only relationship that exists between movie directors and actors is during shot. After working with them, they do not have any business with you again, they leave you to your fate.

Source: Hitz FM



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