Fan Threatens to Kill Himself Over Actress Christabel Ekeh(photo)

Fan Threatens to Kill Himself Over Actress Christabel Ekeh(photo)

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So i was minding my own business as i was calmly surfing through social media and came across this piece by a fan.We all come across numerous crazy comments when going through celebrities social media pages but we brush some of these comments off because probably we are not caught so much into it but sometimes some instances are exceptional.

A fan left this comment below under a picture of actress Christabel Ekeh and i presume by now if he actually means what he wrote,he’s not among the living because it’ll take very long for the actress to come across this comment.

He wrote:

Christabel i don’t no you and you don’t no me last month i watch one video which is where i develop likeness on you. but my problem is that all the massage i sent to you did not replied and you don’t want to add me on your social network i want you to do so and if you didn’t. I will killed my self so you will be happy this is my number 08036295618 osita

I know African celebrity fans are not so much as crazy as the foreign ones though, but sometimes these kind of comments should be taken serious.

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