Paedae is the best Rapper in Ghana- Says Actor Toosweet Annan

Paedae is the best Rapper in Ghana- Says Actor Toosweet Annan

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As much as this might come as a surprise to some of us, Paedae of R2bees popularly known as Omar Sterling is the best rapper in Ghana and one of the best in Africa, According to popular actor Toosweet Annan.

The ‘nineteen ninety’ rapper is usually not the name that pops up when it comes to classifying the best rappers in Ghana but the actor believes he is underrated.

Toosweet Annan Speaking to on who is the best rapper in Ghana Said:

I’ll go for paedae, i can’t think of any better rapper than him, it might come across as bizarre but believe me, anyone who knows rap music will acknowledge that fact.

Of course there’s Sarkodie up there among the best but i’ll always go for Omar Sterling.

People have this perception and i hear this wherever i go that, Mugeez is the one holding r2bees up on their feet and without him they will collapse as a group. Mugeez is a huge talent that comes around once in a century but then again, r2bees will definitely collapse because two of them make up the group r2bees but trust me again Paedae will still rise on his own.

Example, Have you heard his “nineteen ninety” song? Anyone who knows good rap music will testify how deep the song is.

Paedae-mixtapeToosweet Annan made this revelation to via a brief interview.He also thinks many people will be in disbelief but its a fact.




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