10 unsuspecting Ebola sources you should avoid

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1) The barber’s apron: That piece of cloth soaks and transfers sweat by the hour. The security of your clipper is not good enough

2) Buttons of ATM machines: The pace of usage would make body fluid transfer a must.

3) Trying out cloths, watches, hats, glasses, shoes, slippers before buying is a no no for now.

4) Make up kit: Women share both blushes and powder any how. No more collective bathroom trips

5) Door handles / access to public places. I say access because of those banks, security doors, eateries,
hotel doors etc.
6) Toll gate staff: Watch out before they give you much more than your change.

7) Passing cell phones:  No more “hold on he is here, speak to him”. Activate speaker phone or forget about the issue.
8. Cool Banking halls and pens: “can I use ur pen please?” “No sorry”

9) Waiters. You can bet that no hotel makes inter customer contact bridged by hand sanitising. Seconds after attending to God knows who, she serves you a cold sweating beer.

10) Fuel pumps and fuel tank : Some over skillful people make needless contact with the pump. Please if the attendant opened your tank, let him close it when you’re done.


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