18 years on radio qualifies me to be an MP – Abeiku Santana

18 years on radio qualifies me to be an MP – Abeiku Santana

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Aspiring Member of Parliament for the Mfansteman constituency in the Central Region, Gilbert Aggrey also known as Abeiku Santana says he is competent enough to run for the position.

The ace presenter believes that the experiences he has gained during the 18 years he has worked in the media will be beneficial in his work as MP if he is elected.

He said his work has given him the opportunity to identify the needs and challenges of the citizenry and he wants to help address some of them. “I have been a voice and a mouthpiece for the people for the past 18 years. I have been in radio business for 18 years. I have heard people’s grievances, I have heard people’s concerns and I think there should be a new crop of legislators

“I think that if the nominations are open, with the experience that I have had in public service, I will be a right candidate to contest for the national democratic congress in the Mfantseman constituency.I have the capability and I have the ability to deliberate, discuss issues that will come to Parliament,” he said.

Abeiku Santana added that “no one who has served in the radio industry and interacted with the public for 18 years will be incompetent.”

He revealed that he will bring his expertise to bare when “ given the nod to go to Parliament”

Abeiku also said “I have been nursing the ambition of becoming a legislator, and if the nominations are open, I will contest for the Member of Parliament Candidature for the National Democratic Congress in the Mfantseman constituency.”


Source: Peacefmonline.com


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