5 to do battle This friday at the National Theatre for mtn Hitmaker

5 to do battle This friday at the National Theatre for mtn Hitmaker

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All is set for this Friday’s grand finale of the MTN Hitmaker music reality show at the National Theatre.

On November 29th, all eyes will be focused on the five contestants who will take to stage to thrill for the last time as contestants.

For the first time in the three year-old competition, there will be five finalists due to the difficulty in selecting a final four.

“They are too good. We didn’t know who to evict to have a final four. So we decided to let all five go to the final and battle it out,” Bessa Simons, a judge, said.

Rappers Mac M, and Torgbe will be battling it out with singer, Snow B; Naba, the only lady; and the wildcard who has proven to be really wild, Emperor.

They will take to the stage and do whatever they can in order to win over the judges and voters for the GH¢100,000 recording grand prize.

Without a second prize at stake, the bar will definitely go higher. At the launch in July, Richard Acheampong, General Manager in charge of Marketing Service at MTN, said even though the winner’s prize still remains GH¢100,000 there is no prizes for the second person.

In explaining the decision he said the company wants all the contestants to focus on the big prize.

“We don’t want anyone settling for second best but everyone’s attention should be on the top prize. We also recognise that there are three others at the final event so we are putting consolation prizes for those people.”


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