8 Days Of No ‘Dumsor’ Shocks Nollywood Actor

8 Days Of No ‘Dumsor’ Shocks Nollywood Actor

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Popular Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi has praised the government for providing Ghanaians with stable power supply.

The actor, who was making his first visit to Ghana, says he is impressed that the past eight days have been very comfortable so far with no power interruptions.

“I have always looked forward to working in Ghana because you and I know that there’s been this long collaboration between Ghana and Nigeria…. Ghana and Nigeria have come out strong in what they call Nollywood and Ghallywood, so I have always looked forward to coming around to blend with my Ghana patrons,” he said in an interview with Selly Galley on the Premiers on Joy Prime.

The actor said he was really surprised that there were no lights out in any circumstance, something Nigeria cannot boast of.

“I want to praise the government first of all…The government that understands the role power has to play in the lives of the economy of the nation, should be praised…I have been here for close to eight days and there has not been power failure, so it’s been so amazing,” he said.

He was very excited about the great hospitality and the warm welcome he received from Ghanaians.

“…and two to three days ago, someone ‘barge’ into my room and was like, ‘Ah you can’t be staying in your room like that… come let’s do [experience] Ghana’,” the actor recounted.

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