Celebrities Need To Be Spiritually Fortified – Kaywa

Celebrities Need To Be Spiritually Fortified – Kaywa

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By virtue of their status, celebrities are quite vulnerable; they are exposed to people who would want to take advantage of them and others who would want to bring them down because of their success, and that is why sound engineer Kaywa believes they need spiritual fortification.

Kaywa, real name David Kojo Kyei, has been in the news lately for his ‘prophetic’ abilities, if one may call it that.

When late Dancehall act Ebony died, he gained attention for his claims that he saw it coming and had warned and prayed with her; then he prophesied about the separation of music group Ruff and Smooth, Blakk Rasta’s summoning by Parliament among others.

He told Showbiz that celebrities ought to take their spiritual side very seriously because it was as important as building the physical body.

“Having a strong grounding in Christ is as important as taking care of your body and making sure it is in good shape. Eating well, exercising etc. is good for the physical self and all but let us not forget that there is a spiritual part too.

“Just as celebrities take time to feed the body, they should feed the spirit side too. The spirit is more important, these celebrities are concerned about what goes into their body and they leave their soul, and that is where I come in.

“As people who are in the limelight, we need to have a source just like a tree that has a source, else it will die. Celebrities should also have their source, a stream from which their lives flow and I always recommend Jesus Christ, God the Creator,” he said.

Kaywa also stated that not being spiritually sound gave room for celebrities to be targeted by their enemies.

“You see, things like going to church, reading the Bible, praying and fasting fortify the spirit and the absence of these things make it easy for certain attacks to get to us. The bottom line is that celebrities should be spiritually fortified,” he said.

Kaywa also debunked the assertion that doing secular music made one vulnerable to spiritual attack.

“There is nothing wrong with doing secular music but what you choose to do with the life so that you do not defile the community is what is important.

“It is like saying a lawyer cannot be Christian because there are times he defends a criminal. Just do your work wherever you are,” he said.

Sharing his thoughts about how prophets publicly revealed prophecies about celebrities, Kaywa, who is also the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, said: “I will not condemn them but I think because the vision came for a specific person, that person should be called and spoken to.

“Sometimes let’s look at their status and show them some respect but I believe with time things will change.”

About how grounded he is in Christ as a person, he said, “I have known Christ since I was 14 years, I don’t joke with the things of God because I have always known that there are other things that fight us”, Kaywa.

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