Some Ghanaian Actors Defending the Government Took Money – Prince David Osei

Some Ghanaian Actors Defending the Government Took Money – Prince David Osei

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Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei in a recent interview with Pluzz FM has revealed some Ghanaian actors had collected money from the government that he and his colleagues knew nothing about.

The actor said;

“The Ghana Actors Guild is not functioning. For an individual like me even if I talk they will end up insulting me or if I call the likes of Yvonne and Van and the likes to join me they will say we should shut up.

“Because what I noticed is that in Ghana whenever you want to express yourself or say something they twist it and call you a hater. I don’t know why because we leave in a free society where you are free to express yourself but over here it’s a different thing. Some of us just stay away from these things because we don’t want to be a like a thorn in some body’s flesh.

“It’s sad our guild is not helping us, we have been saying this over and over again because in Nigeria, the actors guild is so united to the extent they get funds from government, they have insurance cover from government, they have funds you can access when you want to shoot a movie that is historic or project the image of Nigeria. Over here our guild is not effective. Aside that, anytime you attempt to do something different, they pull you down.

Commenting on the issue of the younger actors and actresses vying for positions in the guild David said;

“If you decide to go for a role in there they will undermine you, even when they were doing the election we were not aware.

“It’s not about us being busy, when the President came into power, some of them organized themselves, went and wished him good luck messages and some of them got some small money which they kept it to themselves only.

“We are not united, so if you don’t belong to the clique there’s no way you will be called to join the train. A few people benefited from the government and that’s why when some of us are complaining they come to defend because they know what they have done and they know they have gone and taken money that we are not aware of. That is how come we find ourselves where we are now.”

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