According to Actress Nicky Samonas…..“It’s Normal For A Producer To Sleep With An Actress; It Happened To Me”

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Movie producers and directors are taking advantage of ladies before assigning them movie roles has been a topical issue for some days now.

This comes after Kumawood actor, Big Akwes threatened to curse whoever denies that he has not slept with any actor, the producers-bonking-actors revelation has become the most talked about issue in the entertainment circles.

One actress who has also confirmed the hot romance wanna-be actors have with movie producers before getting a role is sexy and beautiful actress, Nikki Samonas.

The ‘Bikini queen’ in an interview on Radio Univers confirmed to Big Akwes’ declaration that indeed producers lure ladies to sleep with them in exchange for movie roles.
“It is a national anthem. That is what happens when you are a lady in this entertainment industry.I heard it happens. It is normal because they are also human beings,” Nikki said.

The Icon Remix host further revealed that she had been a victim of such situation stating, “Personally I’ve been through it before but I won’t mention names. If you are a beautiful and fair lady then, it is normal this will happen to you. I won’t blame them (producers) because it is a normal thing that happens in life.”

“At some point in life you meet certain challenges. I met one but won’t mention anybody’s name. So it is like that. That is the job,” she added.

Nikki Samonas further noted that whilst others are happy with the act of sleeping with ladies, others frown on it, “Everybody has their ways of getting money. If others think it is good for them, it works for them. Others don’t think it is good for them, so they don’t do it.”


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