Actor Prince David Fights Goil Over Fuel

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Actor Prince David Osei has locked horns with a fuel station belonging to the Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) for allegedly selling petrol diluted with water to him.

Godwin Francis Asamoah, the manager in charge of the Adjirinanor Branch in Accra, however told NEWS-ONE his outfit asked Prince David Osei to bring the sample of fuel he bought from them so they could check it to authenticate the veracity of his allegation.

The allegation by the actor comes at a time when the country is experiencing fuel shortage, and has generated some angry response from authorities of the station.

Mr Asamoah, who was unhappy with the development, was rude to NEWS-ONE when the paper contacted him for his version of the story.

According to ‘The Dead’ actor, he bought fuel from the station on Saturday morning about two weeks ago at about 6:00am while on his way to TV3 for a programme.

He said minutes after leaving the fuel station, his car started jerking and smoking.

“The smoking became unbearable and the car kept jerking, so I finally decided to stop at GOIL Service Station at 37 to help me fix it. They tried to fix it but they couldn’t. Later they discovered there was water in the fuel so the tank needed to be taken off. But they couldn’t do it so I left the car there till Monday when I went with my mechanic to tow the car to his workshop,” Prince narrated to NEWS-ONE.

My mechanic managed to extract the diluted fuel from the car but it was too late because he found out that the water in it had affected the car’s engine, the cylinders, injectors and fuel pump, he claimed.

The actor said when he reported the incident to the manager of Adjiringanor Goil fuel station, the latter was not ready to reason with him.

Responding to the accusation, the station’s Manager, Mr Asamoah told NEWS-ONE that they wanted proof from David and his mechanic to buttress their claims before they could do something about it.

Mr. Asamoah said a test conducted on their tanks at the station showed there was no water in it.

“I asked David to come for us to check if there is water in our tank. He said once his mechanic confirmed that there is water in the car tank he won’t have time for me to do the test. I explained everything to my boss. We did our test and there is no water in the fuel.

“I wanted the mechanic to bring the fuel for us to check whether there was water in it but they poured it away, so I said ok. I think based on that they are not telling me the truth,” Mr Asamoah added.

According to Prince, his mechanic had discarded the said diluted fuel.

Source: News One


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