Actress Yvonne Nelson In Search Of Wife For John Dumelo!

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These two are probably in a relationship and we don’t know it!But on the

aside, Yvonne Nelson says she’s seriously in search of a wife for John Dumelo…so John is looking for a wife when Yvonne is there? Who else will make the best wife for him than her?

In a playful video, Yvonne starts looking up something in a camera and John shows up…they both playfully stick out their tongues and John walks away. 
Later on, Yvonne took to her Facebook wall to say she’s in search of a wife for John, asking ladies to send their application letters into her email…we hope that’s a joke though.
We guess they’re on set of new video, Single, Married And Complicated. The video will be premiered in Nigeria on August 15, and in Ghana on 5th September.


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