Africa has rated me among Top 5 Best Emcees – Sarkodie

Africa has rated me among Top 5 Best Emcees – Sarkodie

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Rapper Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie has told Sirius XM in USA that he has been named among top 5 best emcees of all time in Africa.

Sarkodie before this year’s BET Awards held in L.A had an interview with Renada on Sirius XM in America.

Sarkodie explaining why he does not rap in English said “it sounds real” when he is rapping in Twi than English.

“As a poet, I wouldn’t like to dilute my message, I want to keep it as it is.I would rather want six people to feel the music than to impress thousands so I will keep it how i want to keep it. The way you heard New guy and you loved it, that’s same way I do to Africa”

Sarkodie continued that Africa don’t speak Twi throughout.

“Some speak French, some speak English but then if they rate me as one of the top 5 best emcees of all time, that should tell you something.”

Revealing some secrets on the American-based radio station, Sarkodie said “I know you won’t understand what I’m saying so what I do is I go with delivery and timing, good timing that sounds good to the ear if you listen to it”

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