After Winning Three Awards…Edem Still Edges 4syte Organisers to “Step Up”

After Winning Three Awards…Edem Still Edges 4syte Organisers to “Step Up”

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One more month to the end of the year 2014 and Edem can boast of having an eventful year.

The prolific Ghanaian rapper who is well known for his remarkable ability to wrap his tongue around Ewe words and make them rhyme perfectly, alongside artistically-well-mixed-tunes, was the biggest winner at the 2014 4syte music video awards held in Accra.

The “Best Rapper” Edem, took home three awards for Best Photography, Best Directed Video, and Most Outstanding Video, with his very popular ‘The One’ music video, and he said his fans deserve to have the awards in their names.“They are the people voting, they are the people spreading the word, and the fans are actually the biggest winners of the night and I’ll keep working hard to give them the best,” he told Starr Entertainment in an exclusive interview Monday, November 17.Edem who was nominated for seven different categories said he was satisfied with and honoured to have taken home three prizes.

According to him, he is content although the growth of his talent and fame is not dependent on the number of awards he wins in a lifetime.He believes the awards are well deserved because, according to him, a lot of work went into the production to ensure it turned out as a quality product.

“In my mind’s eye, I don’t see any video that anybody shot this year – that is if we are to be honest and not politically biased, has gotten more work put into it than ‘The One’ Video.

’”But Edem insists the organisers should work hard in ensuring next year’s awards ceremony does not get engulfed with controversy and distrust.Edem A. Hator, real name, successfully launched his 25 track album on Wednesday November 12, 2014 and explained he couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony in person because he was swamped from organising the launch and with school work.

“I just had finished my album launch, very intense two weeks straight of live band rehearsals, I got vocal problems [to battle with] and so after the event my team thought I needed some rest because I had school on Monday too,” he explained


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