Am not in love with Becca – Kweku Elliot

Am not in love with Becca – Kweku Elliot

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Actor Kweku Elliot said he wished he had acted directly with popular musician-turned-actress Becca, born Rebecca Acheampong, in Yvonne Nelson’s produced movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes.

Kweku denied falling in love with the musician but admitted he was impressed with her delivery.

Kweku was speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo. He spoke about career, acting in If Tomorrow Never Comes and family among others, as well as reacting to questions about his relationship with Becca.

Read the full interview below:

You played a journalist in If Tomorrow Never Comes (ITNC)?

Yes, I did; and it was a very challenging one because I had to convince you that I was an atheist at that.

What work did you put in for the sake of the role?

A lot of heartless actions and cold-hearted expressions. It is very different from the characters I normally play.

Playing journalist obviously means you have in-depth knowledge about how journalists operate or journalism.

I do know about journalism a bit. I guess that’s why the role wasn’t too challenging, if I should say so. I didn’t really have to say much in this role because really I was just supposed to listen and agree for the story to be published.

Who did you act with for the first time on ITNC set?

David Dontoh. Watched him as a kid and actually watched him in ITNC. Although I never had a dialogue with him, behind the scenes watching him was great—how he responded to correction and how quickly he got into character. I also had the opportunity to speak to him about the industry and how to achieve higher heights as an actor.

So what tips did he give you?

To work on your craft as much as you can, treat every job like your last, understand your character before you rehearse, [and] every role is a challenge no matter how little it might be.

Did you act directly with Becca?

No, I did not; but wish I had.

Why? Because she did a very good job—her energy. Working with a colleague with so much energy brings out the best in you also; and I like her music very much.

Did you fall in love with her?

I wouldn’t say I fell in love. Far from that, I saw a different side to what the tabloids portrayed her to be. She is a talented young lady.

You think the media portray her differently?

Well, not so much media. I guess the hype around created this untouchable field around her, you know. Her style of music will never make you associate her with the movie industry. Her private life was being misconstrued and images were being painted of her. I guess it’s all the hype, but she is really a down to earth, smart and well educated young lady with a big heart.

Do you agree with people who think she is a good actress than a musician?

She has both. It’s not too much of a bridge to cross for her though, because it’s almost the same kind of principle used in both genres. She is a great singer. The best at what she does, she can act; but music first, I would say.

Let’s talk about Elliot. How did you enter acting?

Spur of the moment. Family and friends who grew up with me always had suggested to me to try something in showbiz. I remember filling online forms for big brother and never got picked. Landed a Vodafone commercial which did very well for me as an actor. And then I got wind of Yvonne’s audition for Single & Married. We were acquaintances then so I felt comfortable, professionally. I went in there, did my thing and here I am. I guess it’s a hidden talent I had never noticed to tap into. Now I am more passionate about it than ever. My good friend and brother Kobby Bartels played a major role in unearthing my skills for acting.

How many years now?

Three years.

When you look back, what do you say to yourself? And any lessons for the youngsters to learn?

I have not come too far but it’s good as of now. I’m blessed beyond measure, and a lot more ahead of me. I just stay focused and humble. Always keep it professional in all you do. A good friend of mine once told me, “do not allow anyone to be more professional than you.” Always stay on top of your game and remain humble. Put God first in all you do.

People think it’s difficult to be professional in Ghana’s industry because the system doesn’t allow it.

Well, professionalism is always a must in all. If you enjoy what you do, you will be professional about it. I am a professional. I don’t let anything come between that and I as a person. There’s always a place and time for it.

What are some of your movies?

Love Regardless, Single & Married, Purple Rose, Devil In A Dress, If You Were Mine, If Tomorrow Never Comes. I have done a few TV series too.

Any favourite role yet?

So far, If Tomorrow Never Comes has been my favourite, without any doubt. It is only because it was different from all the other roles… I was beginning to be typecasted, which is not good. I am versatile.

Why is typecasting not good? I believe it serves importance too.

It isn’t. In my opinion, it limits an actor to learn and explore more; you are caged. It is always good to go for challenging roles—something different from the norm, being able to live a life that you have never lived before on screen, something that requires your mind, body and soul. It’s fun too.

Where is Elliot from?

Kweku Elliott is from New Takoradi in the Western Region.

Tell me about your family?

Small family of two—I and my big sister. Dad is deceased and mother lives in the United States.

Schools you attended?

Went to SOS Herman Gmeiner School, Tema, then to Akosombo International School. I continued to Mfantsipim Secondary School. I did university studies at Bourenmouth Arts Institute, UK.



But are you dating?

Talking to a lovely lady at the moment, but that’s about it. Time will tell.

What do you look out for in a lady?

Smart, funny and romantic.


Reading, watching movies and swimming.

Do you have favourite colours?

Any last words?

Keep God first in all you do. Have a pure heart and be kind to one another.


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