‘Amakye Dede’s Abrantie Spot to close down soon’

‘Amakye Dede’s Abrantie Spot to close down soon’

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Kiki Banson, Boss of EKB Records, is sad over the death of Isaac Yeboah, Amakye Dede’s manager who died through an accident on January 2 at Bunso Junction int he Eastern Region.

The artiste manager in a Facebook post revealed Amakye Dede was was set for his last performance at his popular spot based in Lapaz.

“After the unfortunate accident, that happened 1st January 2016 on the Kumasi road claiming the life of my very close friend, confidant and a true gentleman Isaac Yeboah, All I can say is
How Dare you!!!!!!

Amakye Dede was the last person I spoke with before I went to bed on 1st January 2016. He was due to do his final performance at his very own and legendary Abrantie Spot on 2nd January 2016.I was to be the producer of the show.

His final performance because, Abrantie Spot will soon exist no more. At least at the current location.

On the first of January 2016 just like some days preceding it, I had spoken to Amakye Dede several times. So far as am concerned, all was set for the final show down at the Abrantie Spot and nothing was going to stop us.

I woke up late on the morning of 2nd January 2016 to well over 60 missed calls and panic-oriented text messages from mutual friends and associates.

After returning the first call to Osabutey, A trombonist in Amakye Dede’s Band I froze in my bed.

AFter 10 minutes of being motionless I could only say “How dare you!!!!”
I would have bet my life on the fact that the final showdown at Abrantie Spot was going to come on. I was cocksure because I had everything in place. But of course I had spoken with Amakye and all he had to do was to come Accra. As simple as ABC.

Ampah, leader of Amakye’s Band was on stage performing the intro song to usher Amakye onto the stage for his performance when the incident happened. After performing the intro song, to his astonishment Amakye was nowhere to be found. After decades of what was automatic and second nature Amakye Dede did not appear.

Ampah could not complete that simple task of handing over the microphone to Amakye Dede.

Again How Dare you !!!!!!!
How dare you to think you own tomorrow to be sure of your plans!!
How dare you make tomorrow’s projections with impunity !!!
How dare you make promises for tomorrow !!!
How dare you think you will have life tomorrow !!!
How dare you! How dare You! How dare you!
How dare you say things should not have happened the way they did!
How dare you do not know that there is a master architect and you just a mere instrument without a clue about the master design!!
How dare you project things of tomorrow without seeking first, the will of the master architect. God.

Tomorrow is every micro second in the future.

Things of this world are nothing but vanity.

There is no real meaning in earthly things. Power, fame ,money etc is all rubbish!”

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