I Won’t Marry A Man Like My Father – Ahuofe Patri

I Won’t Marry A Man Like My Father – Ahuofe Patri

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Popular TV commercial personality, Ahoufe Patri has revealed that she would not want to marry a man like her father.

She added that the person she marries will definitely not be someone like her dad, she wants the person she will marry to have a good relationship with her. Speaking on the Delay Show, Patri known in private life as Priscilla Opoku Agyeman noted that issues’ surrounding her dad is very sensitive more especially when her dad did not take care of her and now wants to be part of her life

“Growing up was very difficult. I am the only child of my mother. She gave birth to me at a very young age. My mum and my grand mum have been through a lot bringing me up and especially now that I am grown, I don’t need him around, she noted amidst tears.
Priscilla admitted that his father wants to be part of her life now, but it is difficult for her to come to terms with that idea.She added that she is just used to two people in her life and all of a sudden having to have a father playing that role is all new to her. She expressed optimism that she believes he is not coming into her life now due to the fact that she has become a star in Ghana.

Delay who also admitted growing up without a father advised Afoufe Patri to try to make room for her dad, as she has noticed that bearing that pain along, has the tendency of affecting one’s relationship with the opposite sex. She added that she should try to let go, so that her future children are not affected.“Because of what my dad did, it makes it difficult for me. Most of the time I know what to do in terms of my career but when it has to do with a man, it is always difficult to adjust because I have been holding on to that anger for too long”, Delay noted.
Patri added that she has taken a keen interest in acting and wants to take up acting full time and later produce her own movie in the near future. She hopes to act with her favourite actress, Yvonne Okoro.

Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, is a 24 year old, former student of the National Film and Television institute (NAFTI) who shot into fame with Kalybos through their short videos on youtube dubbed “Boys Kasa”.

SOURCE: Yen.com.gh news



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