Anita Erskine covers Eventguide Magazine

Anita Erskine covers Eventguide Magazine

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Anita Erskine, now radio’s Boss Lady deserves trophies and it’s just right to celebrate her.

Anita has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, she made her television debut on Metro T.V in 1997 but has been a household name since her comeback in 2007.

The Newspaper Magazine seeks to celebrate her as an outstanding female media personality over the years and has decided to put her up on the front cover of its September edition.anita-erskine-covers-event-guide

The CEO of the magazine Newspaper, Kelvin Kenneth, said, Anita as a media personality has worked hard and diligently over the years and is happy about her success so far.

He hopes and believes that she will go places and reach higher heights in media and beyond.

The nominations and awards she keeps getting only go a long way to show how Ghanaians and the world at large appreciate her input.





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