Ben Brako Mounts Pressure On ‘idiot And Immature’ Ambolley To Apologise Or Face His Wrath

Ben Brako Mounts Pressure On ‘idiot And Immature’ Ambolley To Apologise Or Face His Wrath

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While Gyedu-Blay Ambolley is requesting for a week instead of 72 hours from Okyeame Kwame to check his facts and decide whether to apologise or face the rapper in court for some allegations he [Ambolley] made, Ben Brako who was among the persons named in the claim is threatening to sue for same.

Ambolley is on record to have stated categorically on 3FM that he has evidence that former president of Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) Bice Osei Kuffuor (Obour) gave Okyeame Kwame, Ben Brako and other friends of his GHS 50,000 each from the GHS 2m fiscal budget money which was given to the union by the government in 2012.

“All these are on paper. They are all there. When the time comes, let them come and challenge me and everything will come out,” the failed MUSIGA presidential candidate vehemently stated.

His accusation, unlike previous once, courted controversy as almost everyone accused of wrongdoings has taken steps to clear their names.

Veteran highlife musician Ben Brako in an email to GhanaWeb, without equivocation, denied ever taking such money from MUSIGA and expressed utmost disappointment in his colleague for making unfounded allegations.

According to him, Ambolley has “behaved despicably by publicly accusing some of his fellow musicians, and specifically, me, without a shred of evidence, as there is absolutely no truth to his assertion that Obuor gave me 50,000 Ghana cedis from Musigha funds.”

Mr. Brako has therefore thrown the gauntlet to Ambolley to substantiate his claim or issue an unreserved public apology.

“Otherwise, I reserve the right to sue him and label him a fool. Only a fool and idiot will make such a serious allegation without evidence,” he stated.

“The music industry in Ghana is in enough trouble without some of the senior musicians displaying their ignorance, immaturity and idiocy in the glare of the public,” Ben Brako added.

72-hour ultimatum is too short, I need a week to apologise – Ambolley to Okyeame Kwame

The 72-hour ultimatum Okyeame Kwame gave Ambolley on February 26, 2020 is almost due but the veteran musician has said he will need more than 72 hours to render an apology to rapper or otherwise. 

Ambolley in an interview with MzGee on 3FM’s Showbuzz, Thursday, said he is not ready to apologise within the 72 hours, stressing that he will need a week to make his checks and revert.

“Not yet,” he responded when asked if he was ready to retract and apologise. “It’s something that happened. If he says he did not receive anything, let him say he didn’t receive anything. But I know those who surrounded Obour, some monies were issued to them.”

“We spoke and I told him that a week after, I would come back to him because I know that some things happened there… If he wants to take it to court, he can. He is part and parcel of those that were surrounding Obour. Like he said, he was with Obour for two years. If he says he didn’t receive it, that’s fine,” he noted.




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