Beyonce breaks her silence amid Jay Z split rumors…see what she had to say about her husband

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People, the world is not ready for a Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce. We know it. You know it. Hell, Obama probably knows it, sitting in the Oval Office rocking out to “Pretty Hurts.” Though the two mega-stars are so individually powerful their names have yet to be blended into one, dividing them seems unthinkable.

And yet, we’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Ever since Solange gave a whole new meaning to “elevator safety,” rumors have flown that Bey and Jay are on the way out. Just wait until the end of their On the Run tour, yelled the haters, they’ll be signing the divorce papers before the stadium’s even cleaned up.
In response to that we present this photo worth 1,000 words. Bey posted a brand new picture of her two VIPs, Jay and daughter Blue Ivy, and for once she actually captioned the shot. “My favorite hue is JayZ Blue,” she writes alongside the photo of Jay and Blue taking in the very blue ocean under a very blue sky.

Sure, sure it’s no declaration of love for Jay but when it comes to Beyoncé’s Instagramming this is major. Remember how she worked the internetz after the whole Solange debacle? She posted photo after photo showing any combination of herself, her sister, and her man enjoying family time and now, two months later, things seem right back on track. Could the same prove true for the Bey and Jay divorce rumors?


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