Big Brother Africa: buddies, beaus and baes – The love connection

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When found locked inside a house with strangers, in a mystery location, far from their comforts and with only an hour’s access to hot water, Big Brother Africa housemates came to learn that there was little they wouldn’t do for a moment of sanity, or excitement – or even a hug and a kiss.

Some found love, others found friendship but there were always some that rubbed each other up the wrong way, making, of course, for spectacular entertainment.

Hot on our heels are the folks from last seasons Big Brother Africa: The Chase, and boy did those Chase-mates do some chasing! Pollikem and Oneza were two love-flames that were ignited.
While Oneal and Feza enjoyed nuptuals in the house, Pokello and Ellikem flew under the radar as their chemisrty grew by the hour.

Zimbabwe’s Hakeem caught the eye of Zambia’s Cleo but only briefly as things fissled out when he was evicted.
Big Brother Africa: Stargame also served us a spicy cocktail of flings. Stargames’ winner, Keagan, was often cosied up with Zambia’s Talia which raised many eyebrows as she and Angolan evictee, Seydou, had been inseprable before he left.

And who could forget Goldie and Prezzo? Just how besotted with the brash Prezzo was the demure Nigerian singer? We were hooked!

Big Brother Africa, fittingly named “Amplified” gave us an unlikely pair. Who could forget the outspoken and plain unbridled Karen? She went on to win the prize but that was just the cherry on top. She spoke her mind; you either loved her, hated her, or loved to hate her.

We enjoyed watching her sisterly relationship with Luclay, to whom she assigned the nickname “Otono”. The pair resembled an old married couple who bickered till the chickens came to roost.
Weza and Luclay also shared a couple of steamy moments, with the Angolan Belle often playing hard to get. But theirs too was a short lived fling that ended when Weza was sent packing.

In BBA All Stars, Tanzania’s Mwisho found true love with fellow housemate Meryl, a fiesty lass from Namibia who also may have enjoyed a daliance with Sheila, another housemate from Kenya. Soon after the show ended they quickly tied the knot and started a family, becoming the first couple from the show to do so.

We might as well call it ‘Big Brother’s House of Love’, what with all the love sparked through the seasons and beyond. We could list a whole flock of lovers, beaus and baes but we’ll leave that to South Africa’s Quinn and Mozambique’s Jennifer, another one of cupids hits from BBA’s Revolution.

This pair recently welcomed their first baby into the world and, thanks to Biggie, are living happily ever after.

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