Big Church Group, Tonto Dike Foundation & Joy  Daadi Bitters lend immense support to Miss Nigeria   Ghana in launching the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ in   Accra, Ghana

Big Church Group, Tonto Dike Foundation & Joy Daadi Bitters lend immense support to Miss Nigeria Ghana in launching the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ in Accra, Ghana

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The evening of the 16th of December, 2015, at the Acknac Hotel, inside Trasacco, Accra, Ghana, will

forever be remembered in the history of the Miss Nigeria Ghana as they got the nod from both Big

Church Group, and Tonto Dike Foundation with support from Joy Daadi Bitters during the launch of

their ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ project.

The Miss Nigeria Ghana ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ mission is said to commence proper from January


On the evening, there were different addresses on the subject matter, the effects of having cancer, the dos

and don’ts in preserving the breast aright, amongst other things. The reigning queen, Ms. Uche Faith

Igboeli used the opportunity to appeal to the general public to not hesitate in reporting cases regarding

their state of breasts at any point in time.

Tonto Dike Foundation appraised the initiative and promised to be there whenever they are called to take

part in such gesture. It is well-known facts that Tonto Dike is a passionate person and has over the years

lent her support whenever she is called upon. Again she didn’t disappoint when she donated a huge sum

of undisclosed cash through her manager, Mr. Bunmi who was present in person.

When it was time for the Big Church Group, to speak and donate, the CEO, Mr. Olakunle Churchill said

that he was touched by the rate at which this threat affected our society, thus, as a United Nation’s

Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador recipient, he is giving all his support to make sure that the battle of breast

cancer is fought, minimized and someday totally eradicated from our society. He also donated an

undisclosed huge sum of money which we gathered that it will be used for free scanning among other

health related issues to be taken care of, as well as free diagnosing of patients.

The evening saw topnotch personalities coming in to grace the day; from diplomats led by the Nigeria

High Commission in Ghana, Member and Board of Trustees from the Big Church Group led by the

Manager, Mr. Arthur, and Tonto Dike Foundation’s team led by Mr. Bunmi, the manager. Others were

made up of Rev. Dr. Peter Kayode Falarungbon, Nigerian Heads of Chiefs in Ghana, and actresses like

Kafui Danku, Salma Mumuni, and super model, Victoria Michaels, amongst others.

The Miss Nigeria Ghana beauty pageant is one of the most prestigious beauty pageant in Ghana, set up by

well devoted Nigerians residing in Ghana, and who felt the need to create such platform to help in

unifying relations between Nigeria and Ghana.

In signing off after speeches, donations, dinner and auctions were made from all that came, Franklyn

Cole, the Chairman of the Miss Nigeria Ghana pageant expressed his deepest gratitude on behalf of the

organizers and promised to make sure, that the initiative spans generations and as well make sure that

accountability is adhered to the patients in question across the ten regions of Ghana. He also seized the

opportunity to say, “Thank You” to all those that saw the pageantry take place successfully earlier before





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