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Reports reaching Viasat1 News has it that Elikem Kumordzie (The Tailor) has been involved in a major road accident through a head-on collision with his motorbike. The accident is said to have occurred Thursday night around 7:30pm on the Burma Camp road. A source told Viasat1 News exclusively that Elikem’s motorbike had a head-on collision with another vehicle, and the impact resulted in his (Elikem’s) motorbike to catch fire. Narrating further, the source said the severity of the fire caused another vehicle to burn while it was conveying the motorbike. Although this is a tragic event, it is lucky that no one was hurt. These sorts of things happen far too often, and often they have far worse consequences. This is why many people make use of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to help them get the compensation that they deserve, particularly if it wasn’t their fault.

Eyewitnesses are said to have rushed to the accident scene to help. There was no report of fatalities. Meanwhile, Elikem is said to be recovering. Being in a road accident, regardless of whether it’s on a motorbike or a car, can be a traumatic experience. It is always advised to seek help if you ever find yourself in a similar situation to Elikem Kumordzie. Contacting an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer or a legal professional more local to you is a good idea. They can help you with the aftermath of the accident and try and negotiate with the other party for compensation if you weren’t at fault for the collision. Inquiring with people who specialize in the industry and know the process of how to deal with this sort of event, is important.

Possibly the most serious of all road collisions are those involving trucks, largely due to their weight and near-unstoppable momentum making it very difficult for them to stop in time to avoid an incident if another vehicle or object is heading for impact. Those that have been injured in such an incident may want to reach out to a lawyer so that they can take legal action against the party that is liable in a truck accident lawsuit. This way, it’s possible that they will be able to get justice for any injuries and damage to property that was incurred.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries in this collision. Both parties are believed to be well, despite the situation at the scene of the accident. Both parties are very fortunate to get out of the incident well; these types of accidents happen all too often and can result in much more serious repercussions. It’s no surprise that motorcycle accident lawyers are contacted to get justice when suffering a more severe motorbike crash at the hands of another driver. It is unclear whether either of the parties made use of a lawyer for this accident. More details to follow soon.

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