CHECKOUT CHANGES: New Identity for Africa Magic channels

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Africa Magic viewers on DStv and GOtv will notice something slightly different about the popular entertainment channels. They’ll still have the same great African programming, the same dazzling African stars and the same unforgettable African storytelling, but with one big difference – the channels are changing their names and that marks the debut of the brand new Africa Magic channel identities.

The changes are being rolled out as part of Africa Magic’s development strategy, as the brand looks to become even more accessible by ensuring that each of its channels are clearly defined, not just in content but also in name.
Commenting on the change, M-Net Director for West Africa, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, explains the reasoning behind the decision and what it represents for Africa Magic viewers: “Africa Magic has grown very fast and we’ve been pushed by the market to launch multiple channels to meet the demand for home-grown content. As a result, we had spent more time focussed on the content of the channels using basic naming conventions for channel names. Now, it’s time to give these channels strong names that will allow them to speak directly to what they are.  This is very important to us because we want our audiences to have the convenience of knowing exactly whichchannel offers them the programming that they are specifically looking for.”

While the name changes have been seamlessly incorporated on air so as to cause no inconvenience to viewers, they will each contribute positively to the evolving Africa Magic brand. The changes are as follows:

·         Africa Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150/151), home to such hit original shows as Tinsel, Kona and StarGist, is becoming Africa Magic Showcase, a particularly appropriate name given that it showcases premium African content, from blockbuster movies to must-watch series, all screened first on the channel.

Africa Magic Movies (DStv channel 152) is becoming Africa Magic Epic Movies in celebration of the epic stories it tells in keeping with its personality of being rooted in culture.

Africa Magic Movies 1 (DStv channel 153) is becoming Africa Magic Urban Movies, a tribute to its ‘real life, real stories’ outlook that is based on contemporary tales told in modern settings.

Meanwhile the original Africa Magic channel (DStv channel 154) will also be changing its name and is becoming Africa Magic Family, simply titled because coming home to the channel is just like coming home to family. The first Africa Magic channel ever created, it’s become like family to most television viewers on the continent and is jam-packed with your favourite stars and stories.

“With the rest of the Africa Magic channels staying exactly as they are (Hausa, Swahili, World and Yoruba), you don’t have to look further than any of the 8 Africa Magic channels to get your daily dose of super African entertainment content. There is so much to look out for, with many other exciting programmes like Big Brother Africa season 9 coming to Africa Magic soon,” Mba-Uzoukwu added.


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