DKB Reveals How A Newspaper Reportage Made Him Lose Hope, Gigs And Endorsements

DKB Reveals How A Newspaper Reportage Made Him Lose Hope, Gigs And Endorsements

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Multiple-award winning Ghanaian comedian, DKB, otherwise known as the King of GH Comedy, has, for the first time, revealed deeper loses he suffered over a reportage about his stage craft a year ago.

After last year’s edition of the annual ‘Easter Comedy Show,’ Graphic Showbiz reporter, Jayne Buckman-Owoo, filed a report about the comedian’s performance, which reads in part, “…The former First Lady made her way to the exit as soon as the famous Ghanaian comedian mounted the stage, saying to the hearing of other patrons seated close by, including this writer, “don’t mind him; his jokes are boring”.

Her report cut deeper into the flesh of the comedian’s craft, adding, “The snub may have been a dent on DKB’s ego but the comedian did little on the night to disprove the former First Lady’s dim view of his stagecraft.

“In truth, he failed to deliver the rib-cracking jokes many patrons expected of him, as the self-acclaimed King of Comedy was vulgar in his jokes which did not elicit a favourable response from the audience. However, it was a night of real laughter up until the appearance of DKB.”

A year on, the recovered DKB, who has reconciled with the former First Lady, shares the extent of lose he suffered as a result of that reportage. In his own words, he stated:

“It’s a shame somebody’s hatred for me will make her use this great woman’s influence to destroy my career. She is 1st of all a mum, first lady and a leader, why will she come out to say “DKB is a boring comedian” just to destroy me? How come that so called interview never came out?

“It’s just pure envy, jealousy and evil that would make that Graphic Showbiz writer do that. She succeeded in destroying my career for a while but the God I serve doesn’t get defeated, he has turned my afflictions into jubilations.

“Graphic showbiz should put this positive story “DKB delights Nana Konadu” on 75% of their Thursday edition front page like they did with the negative one but they won’t bcos it’s good news about DKB & it won’t sell, “so let’s continue to tarnish his image”.

“I forgive her for making me lose many shows, endorsement contracts and countless gigs from her story leaving me broke & frustrated. It’s just cos I’m tough, her story made me want to give up on this comedy career and use my BSc. Agric certificate.

“The only wrong I did was to become a comedian to entertain my own people but I’m always treated like an enemy of the state and bad mouthed, even our armed robbers aren’t treated this way. When will this PhD from fellow Ghanaians stop so we can all push each other to be great?

“The only question I have for her is, “if I were your brother would you do that to me”? Glory to Jesus now I’m ambassador for Huawei, CompuGhana and Soccabet so join me let’s do cheers to victory over wickedness as you admire my 42 teeth in the picture.”




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